All camera companies have lost their minds

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photo nuts wrote:

antoineb wrote:

- the high-margin DSLR business isn't so buoyant anymore, and seems under clear secular threat from mirrorless. Less and less people, even people who own a DSLR and have used it a lot (like me, 29'000 shots in 2 years w my D7k), are sick and tired of the size, weight, bulk, AF that's not perfectly precise, can't film, etc.

So, have you given up on your DSLR and moved into the realm of Sony RX100?

I love the shallow DOF in FF DSLRs. Perhaps mirrorless FF is the way to go eventually?

Not a big fan of EVF though. OK for group/portrait shooting, but prefer OVF for landscape.

Just throwing up some random thoughts.

I think I haven't quite made up my mind yet

I enjoy the tactile feel of my DSLR, and I love the portraits I obtain when I couple it with the great 85mm f1.4.  And I do appreciate the good high ISO / low light.  But I also hate it for being so big and heavy, relatively speaking, that it misses out on so many opportunities, whether on commute, business travel, easy hike, mountaineerings, or any other occasion where I don't have the leisure to carry this.

At the end of the day I use my DSLR still quite a lot but lots of great opportunities get captured by my iPhone, or my pocketable superzoom (much cleaner skies than iPhone in good light, cleaner detail, cleaner in low light, and lens include wider-angle than iPhone and tele for some wildlife).

The RX100 seems to be the most appealing current option - its only downside being the not so wide angle end of the zoom, 28mm equiv is comparable to the 18mm end of my 18-200 on APS-C, but a good deal less wide than the 24mm wide on my pocketable superzoom.

FX has cool sides like shallow DOF but frankly the 85mm f1.4 wide open already gives me very shallow DOF on portraits on APS-C so...  Mirrorless FX sounds cool but would still mean a large heavy camera ie not resove any of the issues I face here.

I keep my eyes open and we shall see.

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