Just bought the Sony NEX-6

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Should there be any standard settings that i should do to camera when i first get/use it ?

Just two.

1. Press Menu >Setup>scroll to "Color space">select "Adobe RGB".

This will ensure you will maximise the color information when shooting RAW, giving you better jpeg output in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Sorry but I would do thad is change the color mode iff the op not even know how to operate his camera.

I recoment to leaf it like the way it is setup.

Ecept iff you realy know what you are doing.

Btw you need an calibrated monitor if you want to work with adobe rgb.

2. Set the diopter for the Electronic View Finder, it's a VERY small scroller on the right side of the viewfinder. Look through the EVF and scroll until the text in the evf is clearest.

All the other buttons you will need time to get used to with your own shooting preferences.


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If one will only shoot jpeg, then this setting will not be necessary.

If shooting RAW, it will be mandatory as the extra color information in the RAW file will be utilised by photoshop and lighroom to generate better jpeg files.

Monitor calibration is a must these days and easily done with budget Spyder Express 3 and similar calibrators. Otherwise it's a waste spending all that money on good camera gear.

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