Just bought the Sony NEX-6

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Re: Just bought the Sony NEX-6

I was a noob like you were recently and admittedly I returned my NEX-6 but not because it was a bad camera or I couldn't do well with it, but I felt that it missed a few marks like focus accuracy and touch screen for the money. My goal now is to try a few other mirrorless cameras to really understand what is slow, what is fast, what is sharp and how useful a touch screen really is...it wasn't an easy decision to return the camera because I scored it from Amazon with 55-210 and the kit 16-50 for a grand (website error...)

Personally if I were you going on a trip the 55-210 is the other lens I would want to have, It is not macro but I think the reach can be useful when traveling and because it's telephoto it actually can give pretty nice bokeh. I've seen a number of shots near 200mm range and they look very nice.

But the main advice is: if you do not understand shutter speed, f-stop (aperture) and ISO and how they all relate to each other to give you the exposure you want plus exposure compensation, please read up on it. I got a lot from the forums but I was researching before I bought for a while and then got to better understand of things when I got the camera and researched some more. And I did feel like I bit off more then I could chew but not for long.

Without understanding those functions though you'll be stuck in Auto modes which I found somewhat disappointing especially indoor. If you're going to use Auto a lot at least try the scene modes. Good luck!

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