GH3 AF-C performance and EVF blackout at high fps?

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Re: GH3 AF-C performance and EVF blackout at high fps?

Chris R-UK wrote:


has your friend had a look at the longer lenses , their relatively poor performance at their longest focal lengths combined with their slow apertures { the Oly 75-300 is F6.7 } will be at least as big a disadvantage as the C-AF performance. The lack of high quality fast telephotos is major gotcha for serious bird shooters . I don't use C-AF with mFT very often and I would say that the difference between the GH2 and GH3 while noticeable isn't that great



My friend is quite elderly and broke his back 2-3 years ago while leading a photographic trip to India. He is now finding it more and more difficult to carry his Canon 7D/400mm f4. So it has become a question of giving up bird photography altogether or switching to lighter M4/3 gear.

Nasty injury , in that scenario mFT becomes an excellent solution.

He is well aware of the limitations and will have to live within them. I have a GH2 and a Panasonic 100-300mm and have shown him the bird shots that I have taken. He may borrow the gear for a couple of weeks if it stops raining!

I am not a bird shooter by nature, however I have made some fun videos using my 100-300 with the ex tele mode previously on the GH2 and now on the GH3

As I said in my first post, two of his elderly friends have gone the M4/3 route already and are perfectly happy with the results. All three are members of the prestigious Royal Photographic Society Nature Group so they aren't beginners.

I only posted as I have a couple of friends who are serious bird and nature shooters and apart from being a very difficult area to start with, it can be very expensive as the best lenses both cost and weigh a ton.

Thanks anyway for your concerns.

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Chris R

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