Fuji hands-on at CES 2013

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Re: Fuji hands-on at CES 2013

Chris Dodkin wrote:


The rear of the camera has a minor change, the RAW button is now the Q button.

Now that AF/drive buttons switched places (good change) - how do you exactly move the active focus point?

How does AF work in low-light when you point it on people eyes? (let's say ISO3200 1/125s F2 type of light)

The Fuji reps said that both features required the new focus sensors in the X-Trans II, so would not be implemented in older cameras using firmware.

He is most likely partially correct - PDAF is required for split image to work but I suppose that the new cpu (EXR Processor II or what do they call it) is required for focus peaking.

Thanks for the report Chris.


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