Hybrid VF on XPro-1 worth it versus EVF XE-1?

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Re: Hybrid VF on XPro-1 worth it versus EVF XE-1?

I just bought x-E1... both digital EV and LCD view works fine..

I am also used to optical from my D700 (same OVF with D3s) however I feel no issue with this one, actually it is a bit fun to use... especially eye sensor makes it comfortable.

Honestly speaking DSLR type OVF is good for 2 reasons for me:

- less comsumption of battery

- instant responsiveness

But I don't like:

- it is not healthy or comfortable since looking from one eye all the time (especially makes my eyes blurred after a hour usage and makes a slight dizziness, it is not a nice excersize for eyes)

that's one of the reason I bought D700 which has bigger OVF than most DSLR's but still not very useful to use

- I can't judge the WB as live in OVF

- limited zoom points in screen needs to make you use AF-lock all the time (you can't reach corners even with 51 point zoom area), however the X-E1 covers wider range for zoom point... (actually it is not upto edges but almost there and definetely much useful than DSLR for me..) aditionaly you can also control the size of focus rectengle, it is a bit big as default but x-EF let's you to make it smaller same like D700 or any Nikon.. (just to mention becase not easy to find out this function until you take a look to manuel)


as you are considering for street photography:

- x-pro1 is bigger and heavier

- slower AF performance compare to x-E1 (I didn't compare but it is mentioned in review sites)

- x-E1 is available in silver color (much fancier and friendly looking than black x-pro1; slimness and more friendly appereance I think good for street photography)

HOWEVER you may consider x100s if you are not planning to invest for lenses since it is most optimal configuration with even better EF speed as claimed...

good luck!

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