Buying a D600 tomorrow. Gulp.

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Re: salesman talk is worthless

RedFox88 wrote:

theGentleman wrote:

I've exchanged emails with them today, and they assure me that if I take out their replacement warranty (only a £19 upgrade on their standard 1 year warranty) they will replace the machine if it exhibits the above issue. if its still an issue after that I can get a refund. That's some peace of mind.

Even salesman talk through email is worthless. Unless it is written store policy or part of a warranty, it won't hold up. For 19 pounds, why are you try to take a risk on an expensive product? It's basically 1% of the total cost. If you can barely afford something, it might be best to not get it. Get it when you can afford it instead of breaking the bank and then have no money for other things or accesssories.

The warranty is store policy. The replacement warranty upgrade entitles you to a new machine if you encounter any issues rather than having to wait for yours to be fixed.

Sorry not being faceatious, I don't really understand your point about this upgrade in warranty being 1% of the purchase price. On a machine reknowned for issues, such a policy makes sense to me. the perceived risk for me is in buying the D600 full stop, less where I buy it from.

and to your point about my finances, I'm unlikely to be able to justify the 40% markup required to buy local stock. I can AFFORD it, but I have a wife, kids, and a london based house to support, money can be better spent elsewhere as far as I'm concerned. In terms of accesories I've been shooting Nikon for half my life, I have plenty,all I needed was a 32gb sd card (and potentially a massive stack of sensor cleaning kits! )

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