Nikon, give us a 65 mm 1.8 DX lens for portraits, please!

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Response to several

To kgbruce01: Thank you for the suggestion of Voightlander 58mm 1.4. I wasn't aware of that lens. It seems to have very good qualities. But I might find it hard to focus manually all the time. Don't you?

To Reilly Diefenbach: Thank you for suggesting the Nikon 60mm G micro. What I would like is the 1.8 aperture of the lenses mentioned. Can you explain further why you find the 60mm micro good for portraits?

nfpotter wrote:

If you can't shoot portraits with what's already available, you can't shoot portraits.

To nfpotter:

I don't find this kind of answer very constructive.

If you think it is fine to have the 50mm and the 85mm, then you can argue for that, but you don't argue. You just point fingers at me.

I just point out, that it would be nice to have something in between. The 50mm and the 85mm's correspond to full frame 75mm and 127mm. Thats quite a gab.

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