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Rriley wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

A new Olympus DSLR doesn't need to compete with entry level APS cameras. Only with APS cameras that offer weather proofing, a rugged mag-alloy body and the available constant f/2.8 lenses which are probably equivalent to Olympus HG and SHG lenses. Olympus is still a good value compared to the equivalent camera system in APS, .

this is the main reason 43rds should still be around, it would offer a durable professional grade platform with an excellent lens suite. But where we are today, they need a new body with a new sensor competitive with APSC to make that work.

I don't see any signs of Canon and Nikon abandoning their APS cameras and compatible lenses. They've slowed down in their release of new Rebels and D7000s but they do have new APS cameras in 2012.

There's a new set of strategies in play for both these makers, who have been offering high end pro-sumer APSC mounts like D300+ and 7D, and the option of low end FF,ie D700/5DII. Now they have access to cheap FF they've effectively brought it down from being a purely premium product into a consumer product.

Probably in a move to encourage this Nikon seem to have removed the possibility of a D400, but maintained the lesser D7000. The rest of Nikon's offerings in APSC are high volume cheap to produce cameras, they have good sensors, the internals are well sorted, but they are cheaply built plastic cameras sorted for module assembly that can be stamped out in huge numbers. I don't think we will see a D400 now, its just to expensive to make and they intend to move FF into that slot.

Canon OTOH look like maintaining the ageing 7D with an update to 7DII. They see this camera as a strength in long focal length high speed shooting and it is likely to be configured as a sports wildlife camera, and using longer FL FF lens options. But despite the differences to Nikons operation they have still pulled axis of their APSC cameras into the high volume bracket, and FF down into a cheaper consumer item.

This shift in the centre of gravity of FF is why all these changes are occurring, and to me creates the only real opportunity for a future 43rds, a durable professional grade platform for long high speed shooting. The 43rds system already has some great strengths in a wide range of lenses dedicated to its mount. But actually to do this effectively they need a few more lenses to make that work for the hobbyist shooter. From where I sit I just don't see them doing that.

i think you're right about APS-C, i really doubt that a D400 will come along at any point, the lower offerings apart from handling can do the job rather nicely, saying that though so there is little or no room for a D400 anyways, did you read the D5200 is using a sensor manufactured by Toshiba.

As for an E-5 replacement i think it it will be more geared towards the micro side of the line rather than 4/3rds, i expect a slightly larger OMD type body with a single stage grip, on sensor PDAF, i doubt it would need a new adaptor but one will appear to get a few extra coins from those who already have 2 of the things, i think many 4/3rds users might be disappointed because essentially they will have to buy a m4/3rds camera to continue using their lenses, so in effect Oly are trying to switch everyone onto a different system

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