Owning both FF DSLR and Mirrorless - the future?

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Re: Makes Sense to be a DUAL (mirrorless + DSLR) shooter, but FF not necessary

Thank you guys for the long detailed input, I wish I have all the dough in the world to be one of the admired dual APSC and FF shooters. Lately I find that I'm carrying more and more things whenever I go out with my family outings, definitely lightweight equipment for personal use is still unbeatable for the NX series.

We all know that the current APSC lenses designed for NX is only sufficient to cover an image circle of an APSC sensor. What's bothering me is that we heard news that Sony soon be launching its first FF mirrorless this coming Christmas, and soon we hope Samsung will compete with that just not so sure will Samsung be re-designing a new lens lineup for FF from scratch again, as opposed to current Sony's advantage of its widely available existing FF A-mount lenses. I do hope that all new lenses will live through at least 5 years but judging from the breakthrough we see today, it's pretty much a shaky situation the investment of lenses we made for now will need to be replaced in the near future, once again. Of course talking about changing from APSC to FF.

For example, If I were in the Canon camps, I would have gotten all L lenses even if I'm an APSC user today, just to foolproof myself that there may be some day I may go FF, that's a flexibility for average consumer like myself, and I'm sure many people out there are looking into these factors when making big glass investments.

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