How is the D4 focusing system?

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Re: How is the D4 focusing system?

Eng Yeap wrote:

well with no review on the D4 yet, I thought I'll ask the question here.

How is the D4's focusing system?

it works really well.

So you D4 shooters out there, how is the new focusing system?

having switched from D3s to D4, I really appreciate the new way of changing the AF modes. You can keep the eye in the viewfinder and switch through the modes using the AF button combined with the front and back wheel. It works really great.

What focus modes do you use to shoot sports?

it depends on the sport.  AF-C 9pt works well typically on indoor sports with a lot of public close to the main subject. When there is more space behind the subject, I also use the automatic mode.

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