Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Re: D800? Total Overkill!

zxaar wrote:

Well, to be a pedant, they are actually equal. 45mm is 45mm regardless of format or crop factor, just as 50mm is 50mm. Focal length doesn't change, hence the name 'crop factor'. The FOV does change, though, and this may relate to increased DOF as one moves back to achieve the same framing.

I assume you are framing the same on both, otherwise there is no point in comparison on various sensors. Thats why they are not equals or similars.

Agreed...I did warn you that I was going to be a pedant about it, though  In the real world, indeed, people usually work in equivalents.

I guess my point is that, for most purposes, 45mm at f/1.8 provides plenty shallow DOF, and I feel the same about this on FX, DX and m4/3.

again it is subjective and i will give you that because if you spend the money to buy lens you get to decide what you like.

Indeed. I think that I've always favoured a bit more DOF than is fashionable these days...add that to the fact that 135mm was my standard portrait lens on film and, for me at least, m4/3 lenses like the 75/1.8 become great portrait options.

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