Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Re: Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

As I understand it, he wants to take family photos and mostly of a baby to toddler age kid (for now). In two years or so, he can reevaluate his photographic needs.

You just want nice pictures of your kid(s). Unless you plan on making huge photos, a full-frame camera is way overkill.

You usually don't want or need razor-sharp photos for very good pictures of people.

As far as needing incredibly high ISOs, just put brighter light bulbs in your household lamps. Also, for most of the first couple of years, your kid won't be moving around that fast, and by that time sensors will be new and improved. Swap out that (inexpensive) old body for a new one if needed or wanted.

It is always easier and faster to have a small handy camera to always be available for that special grab shot. And, it can be stored in a separate diaper bag when traveling. No chance of it getting stolen from your car.

Best to get down to the baby's height for the most pleasing photos. Having the moveable screen is a very big help for getting low.

A big camera with big lenses scares big people and little people. The kid(s) will be aware much sooner that daddy is coming to take his picture. The child won't have a chance to use a false smile if he doesn't know he is being photographed.

A zoom lens in the 28-100 range will cover most of your picture taking needs. The fewer lenses (and decisions) the fewer missed shots.

With an inexpensive lens adapter, you can use many of your old Nikkor lenses on the Olympus. A 50/1.4 becomes a 100/1.4. A 35/1.4 becomes a 70/1.4. (Best for non-moving subjects and nice out-of-focus backgrounds.)

My story: In March, my wife told me for my 75th birthday I could buy my dream D800 and up to 5 new Nikkor lenses . Oh, I was so hot for the D800. I was going back and forth until late November when after serious thought and consultation with my photo buddies, it was agreed that the type of street photography and people pictures I usually take would be greatly hampered by a big heavy camera that I couldn't carry around all the time. I did think about the Olympus OM-D, but realized I didn't even need that, so I bought a Panasonic G5. Though I do sometimes have my weak moments, I know my decision was the right one

PS Every month, I routinely exhibit 12x16" (and sometimes larger) photos from my Canon G12 and a few of my Panasonic G1s.

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