Your experience using the X100 to photograph family?...

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Not the best for "running kids" BUT...

Overall, I agree the X series is not better for capturing running kids than a DSLR. But, here's the question: why are you taking pictures of running kids anyway?? I have two beautiful daughters, 7 and 4. I have many pictures of them with my 5DII and many with my X-Pro1. But, hardly any of them "running." I guess the exception is soccer that what you mean?? If you are simply talking about movement/action, X series is just fine.

If capturing running/sprinting  kids is your main priority and you can't have both a DSLR and X100, than I guess go for the DSLR. But, if I could only have one camera, it would for sure be the X-Pro1 which I prefer to my 5DII. Simply stated, my X-pro1 is always with me. It's more difficult to take my 5DII + 135L around all the time. And, the "best camera is the one you have with you."

Family shots with X-Pro...

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