How well does the A99 work for sports photography

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Re: Assisted focus points is only a gimmick.

Sol wrote:

. The A-99 AF is crazy fast, in quickly turning to aim and lock-on a subject. But tracking a subject in a crowd with the Sony 70-200 G is a bit lacking. Essentially equal to my 5-year old A900. Although, the A-99 does find the subjects quicker in lower light.

Sorry, not my experience. Though focus tracking is much more convenient now, you can turn it on and half press when your subject is in your target and the camera will track, but there are still 2 big problems.1. The focusing area is too limited middle 1/3 so that the target can get out of the tracking screen easily. 2. The tracking is not too satisfactory when the target moves too quickly. The means the AF-C is still obviously not yet in par with the Canikons.

I also have the A900, it A99 equals to A900 in focusing ability, Sony has not improved much. I myself found A99 is much more brisk in focusing response.

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