Olympus SZ-31 chattering auto focus issue?

Started Jan 8, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Olympus SZ-31 chattering auto focus issue?

PenFan2011 wrote:

likeacat wrote:

So really, want I need to know is whether or not to bail on this camera. If there is no hope to resolve this, then I'm pretty sure I want to. I'm already looking into the Pana ZS20, or perhaps the Sony 20v, or Fuji F770 as a replacement. Though not as jam-packed with as many creative features as the SZ-31, they would suffice overall, especially in terms of 1080p recording if the test videos on Youtube are to be trusted.

Bottom line, what do you want to do, take still pictures or shoot videos. Still cameras take good pictures and 'adequate' video, video cameras take good video and (usually) barely adequate photos.

Bottom line, with a true video camera you buy a product whose design is centered around that purpose, you are not buying a camera that 'also shoots video'. Those alternatives you listed are like trading one set of problems for (potentially) others.

I would agree, but I think this is a special case. The video quality itself really impresses me, perhaps because I've never had the capability to shoot in HD until now, but I find the video in most cases to be superb. It's really the auto focus in the camera that flubs up the video function, and just because the mic is picking it up.

I used a Canon for many year that did both, and for my money, did both just fine. I figure it shouldn't be too difficult to find another satisfactory multi-tasker. As I've said, I really like this camera, perhaps I'm already a little too attached, and I think these alternatives are about as close as I'm gonna get to the same thing.

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