Any chance to see a "G2 X" soon?

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Re: Any chance to see a "G2 X" soon?

Hi Eduardo,

I'm still a G1X user - it really is a fantastic little camera, if a tad slow.  (I don't shoot sports so this doesn't matter - it's great for travel and hiking).  I'd keep it or buy a G2X, if one is made, to get some of the obvious improvements that people have been asking for.  I'd also prefer manual zoom and focus rings where the G1X interface is all P&S - so I'm keeping my options open.

For me the RX100 is not quite in the same league with IQ, and I don't like the lack of a VF, but that's just personal preference.  If you're prepared to look at the NEX6, then consider having a look also at the Fuji XE1.  It's just a few mm wider than the G1X, and about the same depth front to back as the G1X with the lens in the "on" position.  It's not a lot heavier with the zoom lens.  It has an EVF that is closely related to the NEX 6 EVF.  The 18-55/ 2.8-4 kit zoom is probably the best on the market.  And the controls are classic.  Beautiful, but much dearer.  I was moving closer to buying one when Fuji announced their new cameras this week.  The new on-sensor PDAF in the new X100s looks like a massive improvement, so I'm tempted to wait for it to appear in the XE2. YMMV.

Cheers,   Rod

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