Soft box or umbrella kit for newbie portrait shooter?

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Re: Soft box or umbrella kit for newbie portrait shooter?

Sailor Blue wrote:

With modeling lights you can see what the light will be on the subject and simply adjust the position of the lights until you get the correct highlights and shadows on the subject before you press the shutter. With hot-shoe flash units you take test shot after test shot as you adjust the lights.

This being true to a certain extend. Some flashes do have modelling lights. I agree that it is far better to model light with studio strobes.

If you can afford to buy even one studio strobe, stand, and an umbrella you are better off than buying multiple hot-shoe flash kits.

This depends on where do you do your photography more often. IMHO, flashes are a far better option when portability is a high priority -and far cheaper alternative too. Also, you can't match the ease-of-use of the Nikon CLS -or Canon equivalent- system which allows you to control flashes directly from the camera instead of fiddling with them. Specially so, when multiple flashes are concerned.

As for the original question, I'll go with umbrellas first. They're far easier to learn to use and quite versatile if you ask me. Also, you just can't beat the price!

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