Your experience using the X100 to photograph family?...

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Re: Your experience using the X100 to photograph family?...

Anthony, the X100 or X100s will be great for photographing the family. I think too many people get hung up on auto focus when much of the time you can just set the camera focus, aperture and shutter speed manually, and with auto ISO turned 'ON' you will capture what you need.

Have a look at some of the DoF calculators, such as this one ...

As you can see with the X100, aperture set to f/5.6 and focus set to 3m, everything from 1.83m to 8.26m will be acceptably sharp. In direct sunlight you can shoot at 1/800sec shutter speed ( at f/5.6) and sufficiently freeze running children (at ISO 100). With Auto ISO limit set to ISO 3200 you can shoot with the same settings in light levels up to 5 stops (or exposure values) lower than direct sunlight. Then as lighting levels drop, just increase your aperture and lower your shutter speeds to suit.

If you think back to the old film days, many happy snapper type cameras had only three focus settings - portrait -> full body -> scenes, and they still managed to capture the images.

just go buy, shoot and enjoy!

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