Free Photoshop CS2! No kidding!

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Re: updated from my research

I certainly don't know if the initial listing was intentional or not, but it very much appears that it is currently intended to be available as a free download.

If you go to the Adobe main web page and use their search function for "free CS2" the first hit that appears is the download page. There is no warning that the download is not free on the search results or on the download page. Considering the rather obtrusive authentaication/authorization/activation required for purchased software it is rather difficult to believe that the free distribution would have continued for this long if it were not intentional.

Why might things be handled this way? One possibility is that Adobe believes that the free availability of essentially obselete software has worthwhile benefits in future sales. At the same time, they do not want to offer "free software" therefore the lack of any offical statement about free distribution. They can always claim "We never offer free software. It wasn't free, it was only intended as a service to existing owners of legacy software."

Well, that's my opinion and it's worth just what you paid for it.

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