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Re: Adobe color space

victorian squid wrote:

For photography the sRGB color space works most of the time - but I reproduce fine art, which in some cases has near fluorescent colors. While I can normally scan the piece (calibrated epson 10000XL) and get 95% of what I need, I still quite often have to tweak it in Photoshop to pull out some insane greens, purples and oranges. In a normal color space, you just can't accomplish this. That "purple" never happens.

It's quite deceptive when you're working in a limited color space - and truly, what you see is what you print - unless you have exhibit A in person to replicate! So, a photo you shoot in a regular color space (or more accurately display in a regular color space) will print the same way, you've got to rely on memory as to color accuracy. Or more to the point, intensity.

Try switching your RAW photos over and back to see if you notice a difference. If you don't, then there's no reason to worry about it. But I bet you see a difference.

Good info to know, so thank you! I don't see me doing fine art, so it might not be as much an improvement for me. I assume you are using custom profiles then for your prints. If I were going to print on say Epson Priemium Luster, would I still use the same canned profile from the printer just using aRGB, or should I be using something else entirely? I was also going to ask about the ProPhoto profiles, but it was just asked.

Thanks for your assistance with this. I hate to Hi-jack the thread.


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