Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Re: D800? Total Overkill!

zxaar wrote:

Dave Sanders wrote:

Kodachrome200 wrote:

exactly m43 requires an obnoxiously long lens to get any amount of bokey on a full body portrait and it still doesn't do as much as nifty fifty will.

Not really true at all. The 45/1.8 does just fine, just like the nifty fifty does on DX or FX.

your "does just fine" depends on personal taste, you think it is fine for you but for others it may not be.

That what I think is fine is not to others is, of course, true. 'Like' or 'don't like' are certainly subjective concepts. However, does just fine in the 'bokey' department is less up for debate. Considering the above poster refers to bokeh in terms of an amount, I'm guessing that they are working with the same incorrect definition of the concept that many are. The 45/1.8 has excellent bokeh. It's an inherent characteristic of the lens. One cannot have more or less of it.

The 45/1.8 also 'does just fine' at isolating subjects, my definition of course. There are many examples, one need only search flickr to see this here for 3/4 length portraits or here for a waist up portrait or or here for a head and shoulders portrait or here for a frame-filling portrait. All of those of have shallow enough DOF...subjectively, of course.

But 45/1.8 is far from what 50/1.8 or 50/1.4 does on DX FX since the crop factor for m43 is 2.

You may be happy with what you have but do not say that both are almost equal because they are not.

Well, to be a pedant, they are actually equal. 45mm is 45mm regardless of format or crop factor, just as 50mm is 50mm. Focal length doesn't change, hence the name 'crop factor'. The FOV does change, though, and this may relate to increased DOF as one moves back to achieve the same framing.

I guess my point is that, for most purposes, 45mm at f/1.8 provides plenty shallow DOF, and I feel the same about this on FX, DX and m4/3.

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