HS50 EVF & some other questions

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Think about this way... When you use EVF of those cameras, it is like looking on a peephole. SX50 is the most horrible, fz200 better, hs50 is best because it is the largest. Compare them to X-S1, they are all peephole while the X-S1 evf is a joy to the eye like looking on a telescope.

In my opinion, Canon SX50HS is the best megazoom camera at the market, but the EVF is so small, that is totally unusable. Don't buy Powershot SX50 if you want to use EVF.

HS30EXR has very good EVF (in comparison to SX50). I hope that HS50 has the same EVF that HS30. The best EVF that I have ever seen in compact camera was in Fuji XS-1.


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"Compact" is a relative term. Compare it to what I used to shoot with in the past?  Yes, it is.  Ex. Canon 1D + 17-40L and 70-200L or the Olympus E-3+grip+14-54f/2.8-3.5 and the 50-200 f/2.8-3.5.  Yes, the X-S1 is compact vs. those.  Compared to the Fuji XF1 or the Panasonic FZ200, no, it is not "compact".

If you want an all in one package that has a very good EVF (a must-have for me), then the X-S1 may fit the bill for you - especially if someone doesn't want a system camera and bags of lenses.

One person's compact is another's monster! LOL

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