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ADMint wrote:

Having owned both the 800 and E (that is, I had the 800, but traded it for the E) I'd have to agree that the E is slightly sharper, and you'd notice this if you used both cameras.

That said, I would say this... if you have any doubt as to whether you should get the E or not... get the E, otherwise you'll always wonder if you made the right choice. This happened to me, and that's why I swapped my 800 for the E.

Bottom line: like everyone else says... With the D800E, I tend to sharpen less in Photoshop. Is that worth and additional 300 bucks??? I don't know, but I do know I'm no longer wondering if I'm missing anything with the E.

By the way, 99 percent of my shots are hand held so that factored in my final decision.

Personally I think Nikon should just forgo the D800 and just stick with the E for the same price of the 800.

My two cents

Exactly my sentiments. I currently own both models. For me, the D800E is noticeably sharper, and I haven't had any problems with moire. For these reasons, I now shoot exclusively with the D800E. My strong advice to a new buyer would be to go for the E. Regards. -iwbs

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