What is your most desired firmware improvement for the E-M5?

Started Jan 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
Philly Senior Member • Posts: 1,156
Here's my list:

1.  Have camera display both temp and tint values when doing custom white balance.

2.  Allow user to set both temp and tint values for custom white balance.

3.  Allow user up to 5 custom white balance setting, which can be named by user.

4.  Have camera display focus distance when focus is locked.  (this feature can be turned on/off via menu)

5.  Allow user to dial in a focus distance when in MF mode.

6.  Allow a dialed-in focus distance to be one of the saved parameters in Myset.  OF COURSE, allow custom user settings (Myset) to be accessible through mode dial on top.

7.  Allow user to set focus to "hyperfocus" distance--which the camera will do automatically, since it knows what lens is currently mounted.

8.  Implement the pinpoint focus mode available in Panasonic G3 (and I would assume other Panasonic cameras).

9.  Allow user to name the Myset settings.  Best way to implement this is to put myset settings as available choices in the art filter or scene modes.

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