Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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High resulution and lenses

Many people in this thread mentioned how to resolve 36MP you would need very high grade lenses on d800. I would say that is complete bull sh i t.

Nikon 800 sensor is 35.9 x 24 (resolution 6144 x 4912)

per mm you have 171 x 204   (comes from 6144/35.9  , 4912 / 24 )

OMD is 17.3 x 13 mm (4608 x 3072)

Per mm here is 266 x 236

So as far as pixels per square mm are concerned you need more care with OMD compared to D800.

xador wrote:

I ordered a Nikon D800 and it had the left focus issue. Returned that for another one and that one had the issue also, it was actually worse than the first one I received. Now I’m thinking of getting the Oly OM-D E-M5. I was giving permission from the boss to be able to get my dream camera once she became pregnant with our first kids. My dream camera for years was a D700 but since they discontinued that and come out with the D800, I decided to buy that. I own a Pan GF1 and it served me well when I traveled to other countries, the size was good for traveling. Now I want a good camera to take pictures of my new kids once they arrive. I know the D800 would produce better pictures (better IQ, more bokeh, better low light, etc.) and the OM-D is smaller and has IBIS. But I’m just wondering if the OM-D can hold its own compared to the D800 when used with good lenses. Can it:

  1. Produce nice bokeh?
  2. Low noise at ISO 3200?
  3. Will the IBIS noise be heard when recording video?
  4. Should I get the 12-35 f/2.8 or 45 f1.8 as a first lens for taking baby pics?

I’ve never had kid so my expectations of the kind of pictures I would take at least for a few years would be static subjects with flapping arms and legs. The D800 would be a lot to carry around if we take the kids out but not sure how often that would be. I say that I would just bring the D800 wherever I take my kids but not sure how true that would be. Cost is not that big an issue because I have more Nikon lenses than m4/3. I’m going to try one more time to get a good D800. If I don’t I may opt for the OM-D depending on the feedback I get from the community. To think, if Nikon would have had better QC on the D800 then I would not have even thought about getting the OM-D.

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