RED's Dragon sensor - 20 stop dynamic range

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Re: RED's Dragon sensor - 20 stop dynamic range

David Hull wrote:

curlyone wrote:

Now thats what i call, getting straight to the point, no BS, no beating a round the bush, you only get what you pay for, I'M still waiting for a camera that can take a high quality pic no matter what the circumstances are but nobody can give me one, but i would settle with a camera that could shoot each image in a multi layer format , 1 layer average reading,+1-10 in hi-lite -1-10 in low lite, that would be 21layers each image, than i take to photoshop and choose which layers i want to keep, please tell me i must be dreaming.

You probably won't be too happy with the RAW file size either.

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All of today's modern computer are running Ivy Bridge with minimum quad core processor. On top of SSD with 6.0gb read/write speed. It zips through my D800 RAW files faster than my old PC did with the D700 RAW.

By the time imaging sensor get this advance, we'll have quantum computing running unlimited amount of data space at racetrack memory. Computer evolution is faster than a speeding bullet and get's cheaper and cheaper each year. This is should be the least of our worries.

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