What is with this "shutter shock" worry?

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Re: What is with this "shutter shock" worry?

Entropius wrote:

So, why do people just now discuss shutter shock prominently?

Having eliminated mirror shock, shutter shock tends to be more noticeable, since it's not masked by mirror shock. Ironic, because so many were glad to elimate miror shock, but now they found shutter shock issues - oops!

I've been aware of the issue for a while, of course -- use mirror lockup when shooting at moderately slow speeds with long lenses. I never *do*, of course, since I use long lenses on critters, and critters don't have the patience to hold still while you wait on the mirror to do its thing. But I've done this on ordinary 4/3, using lenses like 40-150, 50-200, and 70-300, and seen no real problems not attributable to subject motion or camera shake (of the sort that happens from handholding). I'd think shutter shock would be a bigger deal on 4/3 (or other SLR's, since there is an actual mirror, not just the comparatively-light focal plane shutter. So why is this discussed so prominently for m4/3? Is it just that the cameras and lenses are lighter?

Your last sentence addresses one of the two main issues. m4/3 bodies have little mass, which means less shock dampening when compared to a more hefty body. Compare with older 35 mm bodies, many of which have highly refined mechanical and electromechanical shutters that include complex and effective shutter brakes and balancers, which minimize shutter shock (For example, Nikon F series bodies). Shutter shock is not a new issue. Affordable digital cameras are designed with a planned limited service life and inbuilt obsolescence in mind. You do get what you pay for. The plethora of bells and whistles actually takes away from the quality of the essential components. There's no free lunch! Many won't care, because they look already to the next model while awaiting delivery of the latest preorder.

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