How is the D4 focusing system?

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Re: How is the D4 focusing system?

How is the D4's focusing system? Really good. AF speed and low light performance are among the cameras strongest features, particularly with FW 1.03. ‚Äč

The new move to remove the dedicated focus levers sure did baffle me when I was holding a D4 in the shop, and the shop assistant didn't know anything either. I assume you mean that the focus mode switch now has only two positions (auto or manual), plus a button in the center of the lever you push while using the thumb wheel to toggle between AF-S and AF-C and while using the finger-wheel to select AF sub modes.  Works fine - better than three position lever/no button set up once you are used to it because it is easier to change focus modes while looking through the viewfinder.  If you don't mean this, I don't understand your question.

how do you find the new joysticks? Fine.

What focus modes do you use to shoot sports? 9 or 21 point AF-C.

Hope this helps.

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