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The Article & Olympsu DSLR Talk

goblin wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

I'm not sure where to put this conversation? Entertaining as it may be for many of you to speculate on a new m4/3 camera, it doesn't have much value here on Olympus DSLR Talk.

The conversation is about an article commenting the possible demise of Olympus DSLRs. As such, speculations about whether there will or will not be an other Olympus 4/3 DSLR body released, and if not - what would replace it - are fully on topic in my opinion.


Hi goblin,

Thanks for your reply. I get your point. Well stated. However...

The article contains the same quote we've seen in two other articles in as many weeks. Olympus said they will have a new camera to utilize 4/3 lenses by the end of 2013. The blogger goes on (and on) to speculate about what it might be. It would be pretty boring for these self-promoting bloggers to say the obvious, that there is another 4/3 DSLR in the works. We'd all go off and take pictures for a year and wait to see what Olympus offers up. But that kind of article doesn't keep readers coming back for more gossip. Reader hits sell ad space. So they hype wild ideas just to keep us entertained.

In spite of knowing the article is inventive at best, this conversation quickly developed into a platform for people to wish for a new m4/3 with a new, hypothetically plausible adapter. This ads nothing to Olympus DSLR Talk. It's distracting, negative, a forum killer and potentially a brand killer. This forum is slow enough without people posting preferences for other systems and saying Olympsu DSLR are passe.

I could see Olympus offering a new grip that attaches to a HG or SHG lens like a lens collar. The basic shutter and camera controls of a Pen or OM-D could be pushed to the center of the lens where better balance would be achieved. It could be an integral part of this new mmf adapter that m4/3 owners are dreaming about.

That would be more likely what many owners of 4/3 lenses would dream about. mFT owners wouldn't care much about it, as many of them don't come from 4/3 at all and probably don't even know HG and SHG lenses exist. There are more shades in nature than black and white.

That was a joke. I've posted that before just to put the 4/3 to m4/3 adapter with a mirror, PDAF and CAF in perspective. Sure, they both could be built and they might work. But who would pay for it when it winds up costing more than an E-x DSLR?

But if m4/3 adopters don't know or care about the HG and SHG lenses then why is there a mmf2 and mmf3? I've got an E-5 with a big grip. If I want lens support I use a monopod.

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