Sombody explain Creative Cloud to me please

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Wally OZ and Morris...

Does anyone remember back in the days where the D100 and the D70 reigned supreme and the D50 was the latest Nikon camera? I didn't even know what a file was when I started. I thought that if a hard drive had a virus needed to be thrown away as it could infect everything else.

Back then there was an abundance of drama on the forums. Pictures were frequently posted for opinions and some people were desperate for pats on the back and incapable of tolerating criticism.

Morris was on the forum a lot and was very helpful to beginners like myself.  He posted lots of pictures and received lots of praise.  He would thank each thanker individually which bumped his posts to the top repeatedly.  Wally Oz finally had had enough and he posted an unforgettable post with a big "Splat" in reference to Morris' frequent posts of pictures of ducks.  Wally ended up banned from the forums and Morris went over to the picture posting forum for a while and eventually found a new home elsewhere.

Anyhow, the spice in this thread reminds me of the good old days, only this differes as embedded in the sarcasm is a lot of help that took some effort to convey.

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