Loud auto focus motor with the Samsung 30mm f2

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Re: Loud auto focus motor with the Samsung 30mm f2

K J Smith wrote:

Hi, a quick question for those who own both the samsung 16mm and 30mm lens. I've noticed that the auto focus motor in the 30mm lens is a lot more audible than the 16mm lens. Do you fine this to be the case as well? Just curious to know.

Cannot comment on 16mm exactly, since I have only the 30mm and 85mm primes to compare.

Regarding the 30mm, I had never even noticed the AF motor noise whilst shooting stills (where it really excels).   However, this morning I shot this sample video using 30mm in CAF mode.  My apologies for the average  video-quality, since the CAF was continuously hunting for focus (possibly due to low light).  In the soundtrack, you can clearly hear the AF motor racking away, every few seconds.

So for any future video shooting with the 30mm, I'll simply avoid CAF mode, and shoot MF mode with a tripod.

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