Anyone with the Zeiss 15/2.8 been game enough to cut the hood off yet?

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orchidblooms Senior Member • Posts: 1,261
Re: Good word from Rogers at Lens Rentals

RCicala wrote:

Taking the hood off is pretty simple, although you'll want a big rubber stopper or something similar. I posted a how-to here:

It takes 12 minutes to take it off, 10 of which is waiting for a bit of alcohol to loosen the glue around the makeup ring.

You'll have to use the direct link - it's not of too much general interest so it won't show up from the main blog page.


roger - great read - thank you

in talking today with r. schleuning zeiss usa by email - he advised me zeiss was considering offering a service that would change this hood to a bayonete mount...

the position of zeiss today is to use lee 150 system....

roger do you see a way toconvert this to a removable hood?

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