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Thank you Mr.Mojo for your detailed and well thought out reply. I updated to Lion some time ago so I could synch with my ipod via the Cloud. It ran horribly.  I thought it over and went back to Snow Leopard and also back to a D50. I decided to go retro as back in 2006 it was a sweet machine and I am no longer into photography like I was because my kids grew up and flew the coup. I'm hoping to be able to hold out until there are grandkids and get a modern machine and better camera then.

I learned photography and about computers on my 24" imac. I drove my kids nuts taking pictures and then playing with them in Photoshop. The screen is still strong. Probably 90% of my computing needs are now met by my ipod and what is left I can do OK.

I need Windows via bootcamp so I can run an old flight simulator and it looks as though the 3 TB drive may not work with it.  If so, the direction will then be what you recommended and what I should have done to begin with, namely the use of and external drive to keep going.

Because my 1.5 TB is nearly full would it be reasonable to move my pictures to an external drive? Is it possible to keep previews on the internal drive for perusing but have the bulk of the data elsewhere? If so that is what I should have done back when I got the 1.5 TB drive.

Also, recently when I tried to upload pictures to Smugmug I had to restart Aperture in 32 bit mode. It ran much better that way.  Is there a way to keep it in that mode?

One final question.  How much would it cost to buy a display similar in quality to my present 24" matte screen? I figured that the cost of a mac mini plus the added cost of a monitor would be prohibitive but that may be a poor assumption.

I must admit that nostalgia got the best of me here.  Actually, in a lot of ways.  I have several hobbies where keeping up with the latest technology would be quite expensive.  However, being a few generations behind still offers great enjoyment as the older technology crossed a threshold to where it is good enough.  When photography went from film to a D50 it was a huge leap. From there to a D5200 is just a little hop. Life is good.

Thanks again for the excellent suggestions and sound reasoning.  You are correct.

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