D800 or 8000E

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Re: D800 or 8000E

inasir1971 wrote:

As others have pointed out the D800E files need less sharpening - a significant advantage in PP sometimes.

I have a feeling that the differences between the D800 and the D800E are more significant than is being thought at present and that they are in the order of 15% in linear resolution (that's around what LensRentals got when they tested a Zeiss 100/2 on an 800 and a 800E).

The downside is very limited - a slightly higher intensity of moire when it occurs, not necessariiy more moire. Were it an issue, people would be encountering difficulties with it which they are not.

$300 sounds like a bargain for the advantage in the 'E' and the higher resolution. A similar increase in lens performance would cost significantly more for a single lens even.

i have had both /prefer the e

soft photos - clouds/fog banks look dreamy and sharpening seems to be less work...

i use cp7 and have noticed colors especially light blues seem to render truer to what i see...

i qcard or passport - autoadjust wb on checker as first step in cp1 copy this to my image /s and i am running with often very little work...

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