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The true Optimist, good points & next DSLR

Thanks for commenting Chris. Your thoughts are clear and succint. No one wins the MP wars. You're right, "Better sensors are the main reason for releasing new cameras: better DR, better high iso, better overall noise control." Improved AF and CAF is the other thing I hear Olympus owners asking for. My E-5 focuses faster than I can think about my next step so I'm not complaining.

I don't think Olympus is leaving 4/3 owners without a path for the future. They've said there will be a new camera to optimize use of 4/3 lenses by the end of 2013. That's likely to be a new DSLR for all the reasons I noted above. I have faith. For now the E-5 is only two years old and serving my needs well.

You're right about people who bought the expensive lenses. People who have invested in SHG telephoto lenses aren't going to settle for m4/3 Pen or OM-D with current m4/3 lenses. These are people who've taken their photography to a higher level. I have 3 SHG zoom lenses filling the range from 7 mm to 100 mm. These aren't the most expensive SHG lenses and I'm not willing to settle for a m4/3.

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