Sombody explain Creative Cloud to me please

Started Jan 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
noirdesir Forum Pro • Posts: 13,546
Re: Sombody explain Creative Cloud to me please

Maybe your and coronawithlime's biggest sin is being too gullible. Ask yourself:

(A) Have you heard a lot of reports on the web that Adobe has stopped selling licences for its software?

(B) If you answered (A) with No: Is it possible that Adobe could have changed that without any of the tech press or significant numbers of bloggers noticing it?

If you have answered those two questions with No, then Adobe must still be selling licences.

InspectorHud wrote:

Yes, I also want to know if it is an option or is this the new way Adobe works. Is is possible to just stay with the old system or is this now a monthly fee?

I did look it up btw, I did not find a satisfactory answer to my question. They seem to only want to promote the Cloud thing.

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