X-E1/X-Pro1 Auto ISO shutter speed limit: There's hope!

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Re: X-E1/X-Pro1 Auto ISO shutter speed limit: There's hope!

zephyr2013 wrote:

zephyr2013 wrote:

DrewLavyne wrote:

What's wrong with just using the shutter speed dial on the top of the camera...? Seems like a pretty easy "compromise" to me.

It's faster to get the moment with auto-iso of course, but with the right speed. I think it's also more efficient for auto dr to work well ...

I take that back, it is a pretty easy "compromise", and it works just fine.

It's a welcome addition, but I'd rather have Fuji fix the darn EVF lagging, that is a defect.

Focus peaking should be added to by firmware update, why do they have to take so long, they should release each firmware update rather than hoard them and release in one go ...

Oh, another change, this is applicable only for manual focusing of manual focus lenses, which I use 90% of the time.

With Fuji X lenses, it's not a compromise for those who prefer control of aperture.  In manual mode, a scene with different exposures will also present a problem, as one can't lock the exposure with a half-press of the shutter button. In Shutter Priority mode, fine, but many people prefer Aperture Priority.

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