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Re: Cyber Transmitter just failed

Sailor Blue wrote:

Jack A. Zucker wrote:

Christopher D Mann wrote:

That Really stinks. I have been playing around with the Mini TT1 and have found that when I change SS it seems to jump off Chanel's so I will call LPA when I get home and see if they can help. They have been very helpful with answering my questions so far.

They sent out a replacement yesterday and I also ordered a backup. I have a cyber commander also so when the CST went bad, I put the cyber in the hotshoe but it really cramped my style because I use the commander for metering as well as setting power. This was one case where having an L358 came in handy.

No manufacturer can guarantee 100% freedom from problems with their products.

The way PCB takes care of customers like you Jack is one of the big reasons they have such a good reputation for standing behind their products.

Agreed. I made the mistake of switching to elinchrom after I had a few problems with the AB stuff and it was a HUGE mistake. Extremely unreliable but worse, the customer service and support was truly horrid. Paul Buff's support is amazing.

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