Anyone tried the 50mm Oly macro (4/3 version) using the adapter?

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Re: Anyone tried the 50mm Oly macro (4/3 version) using the adapter?

Guy Parsons wrote:

Herrbill wrote:

Thinking of buying the 50mm zuiko macro but before doing so, am interested in hearing from anybody who has used it on the EM 5.

Yes, I have that lens and have tried it on my E-PL1 via MMF-2.

Totally frustrating AF performance, takes many, many seconds to go in and out the whole AF range. Needs the expensive extender to get to 1:1. Far far faster to use it as a manual focus lens, at that point may as well go buy a decent old Nikon macro MF lens and be done with it.

If needing AF then naturally the dedicated M4/3 60mm macro is way better. Can limit the focus zones so speeds things up considerably. And it focuses to 1:1.

My 50mm macro is gathering dust, 60mm macro is on order.

Regards...... Guy

When I bought my OMD, I tried my 50mm with the MMF-3. It was very frustrating. Way too slow to focus. I sold it, bought the 60mm 2.8, and I've never looked back. The focus limiter is great, though it takes a little practice, and the images are tack sharp. No regrets...except that the 60mm is kind of a funny looking lens...long and skinny.

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