Nikon D800 or Oly OM-D?

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Re: D800? Total Overkill!

tgutgu wrote:

To me, for your purposes, the D800 seems total overkill. The D800 is a camera, which is best operated on a tripod. Due to the massive resolution you need to work much more carefully to get images that this sensor is capable to do. Handheld photography might not give the quality you expect.

While lots of people say this, it is a myth largely perpetuated by folks who have not shot with a D800. A D800 will produce sharper, more detailed images with more resolution handheld in every single situation compared to an OM-D or D700 or any lower megapixel cam. Even with terrible glass. It's the nature of more resolution. A Nikon 28/2.8, by no means even an average lens, is already handily out-resolving an OM-D wide open. To extract that last bit of resolution out of the camera, yes, high quality glass is required.

However, does anyone actually need that resolution? No. If you're a professional who needs to make big prints or crop to extend super teles, yes. Anybody else and it is indeed total overkill. On that we agreeĀ 

Photographing your kids likely means some action, so a small, lightweight camera, as the OM-D is, is more beneficial than a megapixel monster, which is more targeted to fine art photographers than family documenters.

I bought the OM-D to specifically carry more often so that I can take more pictures of my family. I find that the flip out screen and touch to focus/release is an awesome trick for getting candids of busy 7 and 8 year olds.

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