16-35II or 24 IS + 28 IS?

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Re: 16-35II or 24 IS + 28 IS?

tdlee wrote:

I find that I am in a similar zoom vs prime predicament except I'm only trying to decide whether to take the 24-105 or one of the new IS primes on a trip to Thailand.

I have the 24mm and I find it a little wider than I would like so if I were you, I would probably keep the 28 and the zoom. You can use the zoom when you absolutely want the widest pov and keep the 28mm at gatherings and for when you want to do something that's strenuous.

chironNYC wrote:

I am trying to decide whether to keep my 16-35 II 2.8 or to keep a pair of 24 IS 2.8 + 28 IS 2.8. I have to decide in the next week or so. I am using them on a 5d3.

The 24 IS and the 28 IS are very sharp with minimal distortion or CA. In addition they are small and light. And finally they have that wonderful 3-4 stop IS, which enable me to hand-hold these lenses down to about a full half-second of exposure or more, or to close the aperture by 4 stops while shooting at 1/30th of a second. The optical quality, their lightness, and the advantages of IS make them very pleasing lenses to work with. On the other hand, the 16-35 II has the wider reach, going well beyond the 24mm, plus it has the flexibility of a zoom. But it weighs more, does not have IS, and is not quite as good optically as the two prime lenses. When I was trudging through the snow on snow shoes in the Catskills, i was glad i had the 16-35 on the camera. When I am shooting around my home or with groups of people at gatherings, I like the advantages of the 24 and the 28 (generally, I just use one of the two at gatherings).

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

I think a wide range zoom is invaluable when traveling. There are spo many shots you want to take while on the move and you are mving through a lot of territory each day without the time to walk to the best distance all the time. I would also pack one of the primes, I think, for days when you want to travel lighter or want 2.8.

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