What is your most desired firmware improvement for the E-M5?

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Guy Parsons
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The E-PL5 and MySets on the Mode dial.

nrwhitman wrote:

You sure? Just browsed the manual and fiddled with my E-PL5 but don't see how to do this. As with the E-M5 when you assign a myset to some button you have to keep the button pressed to keep the myset active. Or am I missing something? Hope I am.

Personally think it would be nice if a button could be assigned to a button so when you pressed it you would toggle through active mysets.

The clues seem to be  E-PL5 Custom Menu B - Mode Dial Function = set to On, and on page 73 all they say for that is "Customise the shooting mode set by the mode dial. You can apply saved MySet settings".

No further enlightenment in the manual, but others have got it to work.

If set to a Mode dial spot that has a MySet assigned to it then when you turn on the camera or move the dial to that spot, the MySet comes into play.

That also translates to using a mode dial spot for your particular MySet, and you alter the settings for some reason, you then have the option of re-writing that MySet to save those new settings for that spot, or move the dial away then back and the original MySet is put back.

A darn good feature and makes the MySets easy-peasy to be involved with.

The manual of course does not explain the method/benefits and I still have not received my E-PL5 to check it all out thoroughly. Part of a messy order and not all things are in stock as yet.

Regards..... Guy

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