Will X-E1 get focus peaking?

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Re: Will X-E1 get focus peaking?

webmonkey128 wrote:

I'm hoping that they do and that the processor in the camera is up to the task.

I doubt it's a limitation on the sensor - if the camera can find high contrast edges in the process of focusing, it should also be able to highlight these areas of highest contrast; this is likely image processor related.

For those that don't know, the Nex series cameras did not have focus peaking originally. I was an early adopter and picked up a nex5 on the week of release and like many who lamented the lack of quality fast glass; started using manual focus legacy lenses. During that time there were many voices asking for focus peaking and it took over a year for Sony to add it in a firmware update.

This is correct, it's strictly a matter of image contrast and would not be helped by phase detection. Seems like the Nex5 is two years older than the X-E1, so the X-E1 processor should be able to handle it if the Nex5 can. You just have to apply a high pass filter to the input to the EVF, like this:


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