RED's Dragon sensor - 20 stop dynamic range

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Re: RED's Dragon sensor - 20 stop dynamic range

curlyone wrote:

Sorry if i offended anyone, BUT

1/ The OP did single out Canon or [did he put the same in other forums]

2/ When you are specializing and using [run of the mill equipment] you shouldn't be complaining

3/ This was a bait i put out for a stir, [No thinking photographer will ever need 10 stops of DR]

i should have used the words [more than 10 stops] but i didn't. you know what i mean,

coming from the pre digital era ,where slides had about 4 stops max of range, 2 stop either side max, one could say we are being spoilt but i wont, because i like the latest IQ ,but i know there is a difference between a FORD and ROLLS ROYCE, now when you look at the link on the OP, there would hardly be a camera under $12000 and that RED stuff isn't petty cash either ,not run of the mill stuff where these big companies make their billions.

Full of bull. Canon is the only one I care about since I am virtually married to it.

No photographer needs more than 10 stop? True if you are right in the middle of the range. If you are shooting low or high key, you wish for more, lot more.

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