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Re: Looking for SIMPLE wireless remote

OntarioJohn wrote:

Only 2 buttons on my Sony remote even work on my a77. Shutter and the delay.

The rest are a mystery to me. My old Sony handicam although HD, does not like that remote with all the buttons.

But the remote only works from IN FRONT of the camera.

I use a Trigmaster by Aperture and it works fine. 30 bucks. It will also do flash.

The thing has ONE button, you set the camera up and it does the rest from back, front, and from 100 feet away. (Well I tested it to 70), put my a77 on the fence, pushed the button in the house with the window closed and had set the flash to fire and saw it happen, and the picture was fine.

That outfit takes 3 batteries, I have no idea how long they last the ones that shipped from China were DOA, I put duracells in and no troubles.

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John D. Conley,

muddling through...

The rest of the buttons on the Sony remote are only used when the camera is connected to a TV to display the photos or videos on the big screen.

For other remote uses, I use a Vello wired/wireless remote with bulb, sequence, time lapse, and interval programming.  I've only really used the bulb timer on it so far.

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