USA warranty vs New Import?

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Re: USA warranty vs New Import?

Sideline Shutterbug wrote:

Ok, what is the worse case senario if I buy a Nikon camera and lens that is "not" USA?


Buying a NIKON camera from NIKON CANADA is a very viable alternative.

The NC D7K for example is currently much cheaper than NUS . . .

. . . less than $750 in Canada and close to $900 in the US and the NC D7K has a 2 year warranty vs a 1 year warranty in the US.

Not all bodies and lenses are necessarily cheaper in Canada . . . it varies from product to product.

And the only real downside is that if you need warranty or any repair for that matter you will prob have to send it to a NIKON CANADA authorized repair facility for servicing . . . but depending on your location you are prob going to have to ship the item regardless and you would be looking at a few days extra shipping time in each direction.

I know the shop I deal with locally [PHOTO EXPERT on the link above] sells internationally via the internet . . . they provide free shipping to the US . . . and as far as I know there are no US import fees or taxes to be paid.

Resale value in the US may also be affected because of the servicing issue a Canadian NIKON product in the US although unless you disclose the produce as being NIKON CANADA it would not be obvious unless you have original packaging or the purchaser researches the serial number.

US lenses generally have a US prefix while Canadian do not.

But . . . being that you paid less for the product . . . a reduced resale value might not be that big an issue . . . if you ever sell.

Interestingly . . . I am in Canada and have several US serial number lenses that I have bought used . . . NIKON CANADA will service them provided they are not extraordinarily busy but they charge a higher service rate for non NIKON CANADA repairs . . . I think the hourly rate is $120 for non Canadian and $80 for Canadian . . . so a 50% surcharge there.

Good luck with your decision.



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