What is your most desired firmware improvement for the E-M5?

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Re: I second that

Yes, it's a lot of hard work to create and support an open SDK.  That's probably why the Sony NEX is closed.  I suspect Olympus's camera business is way too small to justify doing this in house.

This is why Android is getting so much traction for all sorts of devices.  It's an open question if Android could support an advanced camera.  Although camera support is a key part of Android, I suspect that it lacks interfaces for advanced metering, focus, aperture, flash, etc.  Olympus would probably have to branch it, which is a can of worms.

Maybe one day Olympus will refactor their OS to include a proprietary app layer, like NEX.  Even that would allow them to iterate on features much more quickly, and might save them costs in the long run.  It's a bet on the future, though.

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