Cone Thrift Inks - Reviews?

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Re: Cone Thrift Inks - Reviews?

David Seys wrote:

johnpeeay wrote:

I asked Jone Cone last week about availability of Claria Thrift Ink set, here was his reply:

We have a new innovative ink system for the 1400 including a brand new InkThrift (more light resistant) formula for 1400. The tanks are pre-filled and you slip them into a chip frame that auto-resets. You can buy more ink tanks or refill them yourself. Very convenient. We are about a month away.

Jon told me in July they were 6 weeks away from launching the Thrift Ink for Claria. I bought this printer last July specifically to run the Thrift Ink. Very frustrated waiting 6 months instead of 6 weeks and still nothing.

I also ask them when the Claria compatible inks would be available and never got an answer.  I'm currently, and happily, using Image Specialist dye inks in a 1400 but I want to try the Thrift inks, and I'm almost out of ink so it's time to order something.

From their web site it looks like one size fits all printers. No different inks for vivid and non vivid printers.  I'm guessing the problem is formulating a single black for all papers.

I might get individual bottles of the Thrift colors and continue to use Image Specialist black. Worth a try.

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