Frustrated by the mix and match of features between bodies

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007peter wrote:

Build in WIFI + GPS is a terrible idea. WIFI radio takes a big draw in battery life, when it is endlessly seeking AP (access point) away from home. GPS is even worst. Leaving GPS on any cellphone is the quickest way to drain your battery dry.

Nikon's GPS modules makes sense to me. Attach it when you want it, and take it off when you don't need it. The only downside is that only a limited nikon camera support it as of now.

I rather have a long battery life than a GPS + WIFI gimmicks. They're marketing trickery design to sale camera but provide very little benefit in actual usage.

Try this:

- Transfer 3GB (jpeg/raw) from via WIFI vs

- Transfer 3GB (jpeg/raw) from Card Reader or USB cable attach into camera.

I can tell you that Physical Connection is about 10x faster. Unless Canon add Android APP (like Instantgram or Facebook) to its camera. The only usage of WIFI is a very low speed transfer that drains battery life....No Thanks You.

That's fine that you feel that way, but that did not stop Canon from putting those features on the 6D. Not everybody will use every feature and thankfully, you can turn off GPS because, yes, it's a big battery drain.

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